6 Fun Things To Do In Cabo When It Rains.

Cabo San Lucas is known to rain quite a bit from July through September. The rain at times can be heavy and may even spoil your plans. But, this doesn’t have to be the case. Checkout these six awesome activities you can still enjoy in Cabo even when it rains.


 What To Do In Cabo When It Rains. 

If you happen to experience a rainy day in Cabo, there are still many things you can do in order to have a good time and enjoy your vacation. Enjoy these 6 things to do in Cabo when it rains.

  1. Scuba diving in Cabo Pulmo
  2. Shopping at the mall.
  3. Enjoy a drink at the sports bar.
  4. Explore the museum.
  5. Take a dip in the hot springs.
  6. Relax at a resort.

1. Scuba Diving in Cabo Pulmo.

If you have not tried scuba diving, you should. In fact that would be one of the most exciting things to do on a rainy day. To add to that imagine swimming underwater with the fishes and dolphins. It is far more exciting to be in the water with them than watching them from afar.  Cabo Pulmo park is that the best marine park inside the country and contains at least 6,000 marine animals! It has been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2005. Scuba diving might be an incredible opportunity to see in full detail the marine life at Cabo Pulmo. As you go underwater you will see shoals of fish and numerous underwater scenes. There are packages for beginners as well as seasoned scuba jumpers. This is an activity anyone would find thrilling! Cabo Pulmo is professed to have the largest marine life compared to any other reef in the world! 

Snorkelling in the event that swimming is more your style, both Chileno Bay or Santa Maria Bay likewise are extraordinary spots to snorkel. Here you can find out some sea untamed life. Simply Only thing you have to watch out for are the precarious edge of the stones as waves could drive you into them! Stay away from the edges and you will be fine. After swimming, you can unwind on their delightful sea shores! 


Some of the marine life you can see are seals, stingrays, guitarfish, eels, and seahorses which were truly amazing.

2. Shopping Spree At The Mall.

Located right on the marina in the centre of Cabo San Lucas is the Puerto Paraiso Shopping mall. The Puerto Paraiso Shopping Mall is the largest and the most modern commercial shopping mall and entertainment centre project in Cabo. It is built on the Baja California peninsula’s southern tip. Visitors are provided with over 50,000 square feet of entertainment, dining, shopping, movie theatres, and accommodation.


Puerto Paraiso and Luxury Avenue are shopping areas that gives a great deal of indoor decisions. Shopping is that the fundamental community, with stores and shops including things going from resort pieces of clothing and swimwear to Mexican culture craftsmanship and silver embellishments. There are tons of jewellery stores and trendy clothes and garment stores that you can check out. The upper levels of Puerto Paraiso Entertainment Plaza houses ten movie theatres and a 12-lane bowling alley. You will also find a video arcade, and a fast food court with Burger King, McDonalds, Subway, Dominos Pizza, and Taco Inn. What better that an all in one shopping experience while it rains outside. The Cinemax here run films in both English and Spanish. So if you are looking for a fun experience for the whole family, go mall shopping.

3. Enjoy A Drink At The Sports Bar.

There are a few sports bars where you can spend some fine time. Cabo Lounge, Cabo Cantina or Coach Sports Bar are some of the popular ones to go to. Here you can grab a drink, watch the latest football match-ups or just unwind and relax with your friends. You can enjoy it all for very reasonable price as well. Options typically include cheeseburgers, chicken wings, corn dogs and pizzas. Web access is available at two PC stations, WIFI is free and so are calls to the U.S. and Canada if you buy drinks.


4. Explore The Museum.

Yes, you heard that right. Visiting the museum is the perfect way to get steeped into the culture and the rich history of the area. Mexico’s museums reveal some awesome details you may otherwise never know about. There are six museums in and around Cabo that you can visit.


The Museo de Historia Natural covers astronomical and sea biodiversity, as well as some special seasonal displays. The Museo de Cabo San Lucas is a natural history museum in the heart of Cabo San Lucas. There are several displays on the area’s history, palaeobotany, geology, and anthropology. The display is free, and right beside the museum is the Cabo Coffee Company. This like a Mexican Starbucks which offers espresso drinks, frozen yogurts and a pleasant ambience.


You can also go to the Regional Anthropology and History Museum at Avenida de Montejo which has exhibits from prehistoric to modern times.

Pasado Marina de Museo is a fishing museum where large specimens of  tuna, sharks, and marlin have been preserved and displayed.

Museo Regional de Telecomunicaciones is located downtown and has an interesting display of antique television, communication, and radio instruments. 

The Whale Museum will amaze you with extraordinary facts about whales. The key attraction here is the display of an incredible whale skeleton which is 12-meter long.  

The best thing is that apart from the displays they also have events and cultural activities that are conducted regularly. You will have fun participating in them.

5. Take A Dip In The Hot Springs.

Medano Beach in Cabo San Lucas.

Santa Rita is a hot spring located inside the town of San Jorge. You will have to rent a vehicle or aska driver to take you there. There is an entry fee of 172 pesos, so make sure to carry extra pesos with you. Once there, you can take a plunge inside the hot water and unwind in the natural goodness of the hot spring.

If hot springs are not your thing, then you can go swimming in the ocean. If the rain is just a light drizzle you can go swimming in either the Medano beach which is near downtown or the Palmilla beach which is slightly farther away. Look for the flag and if a black flag is posted that means that it is not advisable to swim. If it is not then its open for swimming even during rains.


Medano Beach is located downtown, and several of Cabo’s resorts with swimmable beaches connect to it. It is Cabo’s longest swimmable beach. Unlike few other beaches, there are no hazardous factors hence making it ideal for swimming during rains. This place, which is packed with resorts, bars, and restaurants, has the feel of a typical resort area, with boats on the bay, swimmers in the ocean, and lifeguards. If rains are heavy and swimming is not allowed during the time you can simply spend time at the bars and restaurants nearby till it is over.


Palmilla beach is a unique crescent shaped beach and is not as crowded. It is also a swimmable and safe beach. It is farther away from the Cabo downtown and you will have to rent a car or ask a driver to take you there. The water at Palmilla is calm and a mesmerizingly blue color.


6. Relax At A Resort.

Most of the resorts in Cabo are situated with a view of the beach and incredibly beautiful landscapes. You can relax and enjoy being indoors and try out the various offerings of the resort like Spa, massages and awesome food. You can also go to the bar and get yourself a cocktail and watch the rain with a side of chips and salsa. Nothing is more satisfying than sipping a cold cerveza and snacking on some chips while you wait for the rain to subside. 


If it rains in Cabo, don’t get disheartened as there are many fun things you can still do. Activities such as visiting one of the many museums available and even scuba diving are all still possible. So, get out there and explore. Don’t let a little rain stop you from having a superb time in Cabo.

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