Recommended Travel Gear

Whenever I travel to Mexico, I always find myself creating a list of things I need to bring in order to optimize my adventure. There are many things that can easily be overlooked, especially if you have never traveled abroad.

I thought it’d be wise to share my list of travel gear that I would never want to leave home without. Some items I consider essential, and others are for my personal comfort, but all of these items play an important role in my travel experience. Plus, most of the items on this list can be purchased for $30 or less!

Personal and Safety Items

This list of personal and safety items is what I will generally pack when I’m headed to Mexico. Learn from my mistakes and don’t travel to Mexico without a flashlight and something to help with stomach pain, at least.

GearLight LED Tactical Flashlight S1000 [2 Pack]

If you plan on exploring any parts of Mexico at night, you are going to need a bright flashlight for convenience and safety. This small tactical flashlight can focus on objects from 1000 feet away and is tough as nails.

Imodium A-D Diarrhea Relief Caplets 24 ct.

Imodium is an anti-diarrheal medication and is used to treat sudden diarrhea (including traveler’s diarrhea). In Mexico, especially if you aren’t used to the food, you may need this.

Sea-band Wristband 2 Pairs

The Sea-band travel and morning sickness-induced nausea relief wristband uses acupressure to provide instant relief from nausea. This is a great option for kids as well.

  • Used by doctors
  • Natural relief
  • Effective
  • Reusable
Nature’s Bounty Activated Charcoal 260 mg, 100 Capsules

Charcoal can be used to treat stomach pain caused by excess gas, diarrhea, and indigestion. More than likely you will experience at least one of these uncomfortable problems while traveling abroad.

First Aid Travel Kit

This 57-piece first aid kit has everything in it you would need to treat up to 10 people. You may be thinking it’s overkill, but really why risk it? Accidents happen, especially with kids.

Sun Bum Aloe Vera Lotion 3oz

Hopefully, you are using sunscreen so you won’t need to use this cooling aloe vera lotion. It’s hypoallergenic and contains cocoa butter to soothe and hydrate your skin after a long day in the sun.

Comfort and Convenience Items

There are some things we can live without, but if it enhances your travel experience, why not take it with you. Don’t waste time worrying about your phone dying or exposing it to water and sand. Instead, it’s best to travel prepared. Make sure you have a lightweight travel bag aside from your normal luggage. Trust me, you will want one.

Universal Waterproof Phone Pouch (2 pack)

Regardless of what you have planned for your day in Mexico, most likely you will be in or near the water. It’s smart to invest in this inexpensive waterproof pouch for your phone. Then you don’t have to worry about getting your phone wet or even dropping it in the water.

Anker Portable Charger (Works for Any Phone)

When you’re out and about exploring unknown territory, you don’t want to be stranded with a dead battery. The Anker portable charger is perfect for charging your phone on the go or keeping it at optimum battery levels, plus it works well with nearly any phone.

ZOMAKE Ultra Lightweight Backpack

It’s a good idea to carry around a lightweight bag to store all your essentials for the day. If you plan on doing any kind of shopping for souvenirs, you will definitely need something to carry it in. The Zomake bag is water-resistant and folds up nicely in order to save space.

LifeStraw Filtered Water Bottle

If you are traveling to Mexico then you should be aware that in most locations throughout the country, the water is not safe to drink, even the water that comes out of the sink. I recommend the Lifestraw filtered water bottle for this reason. This bottle-filter combo removes 99.99% of waterborne bacteria and 99.9% of waterborne protozoan parasites.

LifeStraw 2-Stage Replacement Filters

This is pretty self-explanatory, if you own a Lifestraw water bottle you are going to need extra filters. The LifeStraw hollow fiber membrane filters up to 1,000 liters (264 gallons) and the carbon capsule reduce chlorine, odor, and foul taste for 100 liters (26 gallons).

BlueHills Premium Soft Travel Blanket & Pillow

If you plan on flying to Mexico, a soft blanket and pillow are a must. Airplanes are so uncomfortable as is, anything that can enhance your flight experience is worth it. This 60″ x 40″ micro plush blanket is extremely warm and comforting. The cool thing about the BluHills blanket is the pillow also acts as a carrying case for your blanket. Perfect for travel.

Clothing and Accessories

This may seem obvious, but it’s not. You should always pack water shoes, sunglasses, a hat, and a camera when heading to Mexico

SIMARI Men & Women Water Shoes

If you are planning on spending a day at the beach or trying out an excursion, make sure you bring water shoes, as they are generally required for excursions. Simari water shoes are lightweight, quick-drying, and the soles are made with a rubber bump texture for ultimate grip and protection from sharp objects.

DUBERY Sunglasses for Men & Women

Protecting your eyes while vacationing in Mexico is important. Dubery polarized sunglasses provide your eyes with 100% UV protection from the intense Mexican sun. I like the Dubery sunglasses because they are inexpensive and stylish, and they do what sunglasses were made to do; protect your eyes.

Shacke Hidden Travel Wallet

One of my favorite items on this list is the Shacke hidden wallet. This wallet is the ultimate stash wallet. Hook it to your belt and wear it inside your clothes for a discreet way to carry around your money and other personal belongings. It’s also made with RFID anti-theft material for your protection. This wallet will fit all currencies including U.S. and Pesos.

FURTALK Foldable Sun Hat for Women

Wearing a hat in Mexico is a must in order to protect your face and ears from sunburn. Any old hat will do, but my wife likes sun hats such as the Furtalk cotton sun hat. It looks great and fits well, but most importantly it shades your face and ears.

Xenvo Pro Lens Kit for Phones

Not everyone is looking to take amazing pictures with their phone, but if you are, then you should try the Xenvo Pro lens kit for iPhone, Samsung, Pixel, and more. Included in this package is a wide-angle and macro lens (perfect for food photography). Also, an LED light is included for the perfect lighting for your pic.

GoPro HERO11 + Complete Travel Kit

If you are anything like me, you like to capture all your moments so you can look back and reminisce. Whether you need a camera to capture your adrenaline-filled excursion or take some spectacular underwater pics, the GoPRO Hero11 with a 64GB memory card and card reader is all you need.

Outdoor Safety Essentials

Mexico’s climate attracts all sorts of creepy crawlers and unpredictable weather, make sure you are prepared for any situation you may end up in when enjoying a day outside.

Sawyer Insect Repellent (2 pack)

I’ll be the first to tell you that bugs in Mexico do not like me. If I don’t use a good bug spray like Sawyer’s (top-rated bug repellent by New York Times 2020), it’s game over. This stuff not only works, but it works great! It’s not greasy at all and it dries quickly. Plus it lasts up to 12 hours against mosquitoes and is safe for the whole family to use.

Sun Bum Reef Friendly Sunscreen

Sun Bum SPF 50 is vegan and reef friendly, making it the ultimate sunscreen to use in Mexico. Try to go to any cenote or eco-park in Mexico without the proper sunscreen and you will realize it instantly becomes useless; due to the octinoxate & oxybenzone which weaken corals’ defense against bleaching and damages their DNA and development.

Repel Travel Umbrella

Visiting a tropical climate area in Mexico? Bring an umbrella! You never know how close the soonest rainfall maybe when you are walking around exploring Mexico. Be prepared and pack a travel umbrella wherever you go. The Repel travel umbrella is windproof, Teflon coated for protection from heavy rain and intense sun, and it has a lifetime warranty.

Leader Waterproof Dry Bag

This Leader waterproof dry bag is perfect for keeping anything and everything completely dry, as well as keeping out pesky dirt, dust, and sand. If you plan on kayaking, swimming, or fishing while in Mexico, then this bag is for you. 100% waterproof, comes with a nice shoulder strap, and even comes with a waterproof phone pouch.

StingEze Bug Bite Relief Pen

In the unfortunate scenario where you forget to apply your insect repellent before heading outside, it’s smart to have a backup plan if you do happen to get bit. That is where StingEze bug bite relief pen saves the day. Once applied, it stops pain, relieves itching, and reduces infection for an effective bug bite treatment. It’s even safe for children 2 years old and older.