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Hey there, I’m Alex White-Gomez, the founder and content creator who works behind the scenes here for this site, Mexico Travel Buddy. I am an Idaho native, and I have spent practically my whole life in Boise, Idaho. I am an avid blogger and traveler. My expertise is mainly focused on all things related to travel, more specifically traveling to Mexico. Let me explain how my passion for it all began…

My wife Lucina had previously traveled to Mexico many times before we had met each other at our old job. I remember she traveled to Mazatlan, Mexico our first year of dating and would send me pictures of all the awesome things she got to experience while visiting Mexico. I remember thinking at that time; “Wow, I NEED to experience Mexico too!

This is just one of many photos my wife sent me from her trip to Mazatlan, Mexico. How could I not want to go after seeing this?!

When Lucy arrived back in our hometown of Idaho, she would share with me these amazing stories of all the cool things she got to do while in Mexico, and all the delicious food she indulged in.

I got a little taste of the Hispanic culture, not only from her stories, but also from her family, who of course I have spent a lot of time with. It didn’t take long for me to fall in love with not only my beautiful wife, but also all the tradition and culture her family shares with anyone who comes in contact. Her parents were born and raised in Mexico, and eventually traveled to the U.S. where they now call home, thankfully bringing all that tradition and culture with them.

I am so blessed to be apart of their family, and to be able to learn all about their traditions, and of course I’ve learned a tremendous amount about Mexico as a country, and all the culture that is still present to this very day. My very first time traveling to Mexico was in 2017 when Lucy and I visited Puerto Vallarta. My first experience visiting Mexico was nothing less than spectacular, and although every time I visit Mexico it’s amazing, nothing quite compares to your first time.

I have to admit it was a bit easier being with someone who had traveled to Mexico a few times before, otherwise I would have had no idea what I was doing. In fact, I didn’t even know how to go about getting a passport if it weren’t for my wife.

That was the moment I realized that there are a bunch of other people who are just like me, probably in the same situation I was in, not knowing where to start, or what is needed in order to travel abroad to Mexico.

From that moment on, I made it my mission to learn as much as I possibly could about Mexico, and even more so about traveling to Mexico. With the assistance of my wonderful and supportive family, I have been able to help my friends and co-workers travel to Mexico safely and efficiently, plus give them some helpful tips and tricks that I have personally learned along the way.

My wife and I fully immerse ourselves in the experience whenever we travel to Mexico, that way we can continue to learn and share everything we go through with the rest of the world.

Cancun, Mexico

Mexico Travel Buddy’s sole purpose of existence is to help anyone who is looking to travel to Mexico. Whether it’s your first time traveling to Mexico and you are in need of some guidance, or even if you frequently visit Mexico, Mexico Travel Buddy provides information and content, both informative and recreational, for anyone and everyone. Thank you for visiting the site, and please make yourself at home – Mi casa es su casa.

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