Everything You Need To Know About Drinking Water In Cabo San Lucas

When you go to Cabo San Lucas, it is important to know whether or not it is safe to drink the water. Many of my friends ask me if it’s safe to drink the tap water while staying in Cabo. After my own experience, here is what I’ve gathered.

It is best not to drink the tap water in Cabo San Lucas. While there are some areas where the water may be clean, it is simply too difficult to know for sure the quality of the water that you are getting. Filtered bottled water and ice cubes are your safest bet, particularly when dining out around the city. 

With so many things to plan for when taking a trip, access to clean drinking water may not be high on the list. However, it should be. This is an important part of staying healthy while you are on your trip, so a little forethought here will go a long way. Lets go over some of the most common questions asked about drinking water in Cabo San Lucas.

Is the Water in Cabo San Lucas Pure?

Because of its proximity to Baja California, the water in Cabo San Lucas is actually rated to be quite pure. For example, you will have no problem bathing or taking a shower. The water is clean and relatively free of hard minerals and deposits. The issue is not the purity of the water when it comes to drinking it. The issue has to do with how it is delivered to the tap. 

Why Should You Avoid the Tap Water in Cabo San Lucas?

The water in Cabo San Lucas is actually supplied from outside the main city area. It comes from aquifers that are located in the Sierra de La Laguna Mountain range. Other sources for the water supply come from various desalination plants located throughout the region. It is this combination of supply sources that actually leads to pure water throughout the city. 

However, the tap water comes directly from the pipes that carry it from the desalination plants into local homes and businesses. Those pipes are quite old and in ill repair. Because of this, various pollutants can enter into an otherwise pure supply of water prior to it reaching your tap. While some people drink it with no problem, it is not recommended that travelers do so. 

Just as you would expect, various government organizations conduct tests on the drinking water in Cabo San Lucas. Unfortunately, the results are quite mixed. It is estimated that the score out of 100 is 39. While this is not abysmal, it does not exactly instill confidence when you need a clean water source while on vacation. Bottled water is simply a much better option in this regard. 

Is Bottled Water Readily Available in Most Places in Cabo San Lucas?

One of the many great things about Cabo San Lucas is the ready availability of filtered drinking water just about everywhere that you go. If you are staying at a major hotel in the area, they will always have purified water available on site. This means that you can fill up your own bottles to take with you to your room. 

If you are going out and about the city, any convenience store will have bottled water as well. So, if you are afraid that you will not be able to carry enough clean drinking water with you for the day, there really is no cause for concern. You will find the bottled water to be of exceptional purity and relatively inexpensive as well. 

What Are Your Water Options When Eating At A Restaurant In Cabo?

Just as you would find in the United States, water tends to be served in several different ways at restaurants across Cabo San Lucas. At nicer establishments, you can expect purified water out of the pitcher. That should suffice for most people. However, you can also order bottled still or sparkling water to go with your meal. Just keep in mind that you will be paying for it. 

If you are eating at a small, lesser known restaurant or street-side café, you will want to be a bit more careful when choosing what kind of water to drink. It is best to only stick with bottled water on those occasions. If you wish, you can also bring in your own water as most of these establishments will not mind at all. When in doubt, just ask to make sure. 

Should You Get Ice In Your Drink In Cabo?

This is something that many people fail to think about when traveling, but it is extremely important nonetheless. No matter what the beverage might be, from iced tea to smoothies, you have to be cognizant of the fact that the ice will turn to water. You will be drinking it one way or the other, so you will want to make sure that it is clean. 

In most restaurants in Cabo, the ice will be safe to consume. Reputable restaurants and tourist locations will use only ice that has been purified and makes use of filtered water. You can trust it. However, do not be afraid to decline any ice with your drink if you are in doubt. 

Staying Properly Hydrated At The Beach In Cabo.

Spending long hours on the beach is probably why you are making the trip to Cabo San Lucas in the first place. Keep in mind that it can get quite warm in Cabo San Lucas at certain times of the year and that it is largely a dry heat. This means that you can get dehydrated quickly if you are not careful. So, where’s a good spot to find a refreshing drink while at the beach in Cabo?

On the beach, you will find many vendors selling bottled water. As long as the caps of the bottles are sealed, you should be just fine. Moreover, any restaurants on the beach are going to be a good place to find a refreshing drink of purified water or beverage of your choice.

This is also your chance to really save some money by bringing your own water. You can bring a cooler with your own ice and beverages. This is how you can be assured not only of the quality of the source but also that you have access to water or other cold beverages when you need them the most. You can even get a cooler that rolls to make it easier to take along with you. 

Protect Your Stomach.

Your stomach gets used to your home environment. When you travel, you need to protect your stomach by being extra careful of what you eat and drink. Taking extra precautions is always advisable in this regard. While you might get away with drinking water in Cabo San Lucas, the better option is to drink bottled water or water that you know has been purified and filtered.

You need to drink water when eating at a restaurant. You also need to stay properly hydrated while at the beach. So, clean drinking water is an important part of your trip to Cabo San Lucas. While it might be a bit of an inconvenience at first, your stomach will thank you if you stick to bottled water for the entire trip. 

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