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The Best Hotels in San Quintin

As a tiny little fishing town, San Quintin doesn’t have a huge accommodation scene. This can be a challenge for first-time travelers who feel limited by the lack of options, but the truth is, the few gems that are in town are all you need. From historic hotels that have become a pillar of the local experience to a garden oasis on the outskirts of town, San Quintin hotels are surprisingly impressive.  


Need help navigating the accommodations scene in town? This list of the best San Quintin Baja California hotels will guide you through the key features of each stay and what type of traveler they are best suited to. 


The Best Places to Stay in San Quintin

  • Hotel Jardines Baja
  • Mision Santa Maria 
  • The Old Mill

Hotel Jardines Baja

For a romantic escape and lots of privacy, choose the Hotel Jardines Baja. This lush property has a tropical feel and a serene atmosphere; perfect for romantic getaways or slow travel. It’s only a little further away from San Quintin’s central core of attractions, but this hacienda-style hotel is sure to feel a world away from the everyday hustle and bustle. 


Why We Love It

  • On-Site Mexican Restaurant 
  • Manicured Gardens with water features
  • Orange Grove
  • Secluded location

Mision Santa Maria

If you’re someone who prefers a more resort-like atmosphere, Mision Santa Maria is perfect for you- they have amenities for days. From a state-of-the-art fitness center to a bustling lobby longue, this hotel is a waterfront hub for activity. All that, plus a few luxurious touches, makes for a relaxing stay and a full itinerary (without having to travel too far afield). 


Why We Love It

  • Beach Volleyball/ Tennis Courts
  • Palapas and hammocks for optimal relaxation
  • Indoor Swimming Pool (currently under construction) 
  • Located on the beach 

The Old Mill

Of course, for the quintessential San Quintin experience, you have to choose a stay at the Old Mill. Dating back to 1920, this historic establishment has been the town’s tourism hub for over a hundred years and is still going strong. With plenty of outdoor lounge spaces and alfresco dining spots, not to mention a property that backs onto the water, this is the perfect escape for travelers who love to spend as much time outside as possible. For this reason, it’s still quite popular with the road-tripping, fishing, and biking crowds. 


Why We Love It

  • Prime location on the bay
  • Spa services available including massage and mani/pedis 
  • Kayaks and motorbikes for day use
  • Private balconies/patio spaces


One of the best things to do in San Quintin is camping, so why not kill two birds with one stone and build this into your accommodations plan? Camping La Salina Fidel’s El Pabellon Campground, and Parque Los Olivos are all popular choices. 


Don’t feel like tenting it? Why not rent a campervan and an RV site for a #vanlife experience? 

While not in San Quintin proper, you’ll also find many of the surrounding nature reserves/parks to be ideal camping locations too, such as the Punta Mazo Nature Reserve and San Pedro Martir National Park. These sites will have fewer amenities and a more DIY approach but will offer exceptional views and wild landscapes. 

San Quintin Baja California Hotels FAQ 

Are any of the hotels in San Quintin dog-friendly? 

Yes! Not just any hotel, but THE best hotel in San Quintin is pet-friendly. Yep, that’s right, The Old Mill welcomes your canine companions to tag along during your hotel stay. Be sure to call in advance and let them know that your dog will be joining you and ensure you are able to adhere to all pet policies before booking.

Is San Quintin Safe?

San Quintin is considered a relatively safe destination with a low crime rate. For this reason, it’s often recommended as a stopping point for overnight road trippers. As always, you’ll want to ensure you’re following general safety precautions. Need something more to put your mind at ease? You can brush up on top tips and safety practices for Baja Travelers here.

How far in San Quintin Baja California from the US/Mexico border?

The American/Mexican Border in Tijuana is about four and a half hours by car from San Quintin. This route can be taken by car or bus, but remember to budget extra time for stops if taking a bus.

Is San Quintin Mexico a good destination for kids?

This is a question left best up to personal interpretation- at the end of the day, it depends on your kids, your lifestyle, and your travel preferences. San Quintin does not have any kid-focused attractions, maintains a slow/quiet pace of life, and does not have any all-inclusive resorts. Many of the activities are geared towards active individuals and require a fair amount of travel by car to reach which may not be optimal for little ones. 

That said, it’s generally pretty safe and isn’t a “party destination” that scares away most parents. Our best advice is to evaluate what you and your kids need in order to have a happy holiday and go from there. 

Do I need a car when visiting San Quintin?

Technically, no, but we would highly recommend it. Not only will traveling by car make getting from the border to San Quintin faster and easier, but it will also allow you to take advantage of more of what the region has to offer. Many of the “best things to do in San Quintin” are not actually located within the town lines and are spread out within an hour’s radius of your home base. While you could be totally happy wandering by foot within the town, you’ll likely need a car (or a pricey tour guide) to get the most out of a longer stay. 

Still need help making a decision? Our guides to driving in Mexico and Mexican travel insurance will help to streamline the process and parse out whether or not it’s worth renting a car for your San Quintin vacation.

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