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The Best Craft Beer in Tijuana

No trip to Mexico is complete without an ice-cold cerveca (or two) and if you’re a hops lover yourself, Tijuana is an urban paradise. Modeling its industry after the fast-growing and innovative brewing scheme in San Diego, brewing craft beer in Tijuana has become the next big thing. 


Whether you’re looking for a single-pint nightcap, or you’d like to sample flights from all the big names, these trendy venues deserve a place of honor on your trip itinerary. You could even pair your visit with a self-guided tour of Tijuana’s top restaurants


Ready to go on an epic brewery-hopping adventure? Here are the best Tijuana craft breweries for beer lovers to enjoy. 

The Best Craft Breweries in Tijuana Mexico

  • Border Phycho Brewery
  • Mamut Brewery
  • Cervecería Norte
  • Madueno Brewing Co. 
  • Cervecería Insurgente
  • Azteca Craft Brewing

Border Phycho Brewery

Border Phycho might just be one of the most well-known breweries in Tijuana, but it’s also got some widespread appeal. You can find their beers all over the city, and hip new taproom locations have been opened in the U.S. Just a word to the wise, don’t head to Border Phycho if you can’t handle a bit of raunchy humor. The taproom has a bit of a funky, dive-bar vibe but they also have a few crude features like sex-toy-shaped pint glasses. 


Standout Brew: North American Style Cream Ale with Amarath and Orange Peel 

Mamut Brewery

girl pouring craft beer in Mamut Brewery,Tijuana, Mexico
Photo by Maria Benitez on Unsplash

Alongside a mammoth-sized range of artisanal beer, Mamut Brewery’s tap room has a full restaurant menu with salads, sandwiches, burgers, pizzas, chicken wings, and more. As if that isn’t reason enough to head to Mamut, this brewery is also considered one of the most affordable taprooms in Tijuana with pints as cheap as a couple of US dollars. 


Standout Brew: Don Pepe American Wheat Beer

Cervecería Norte

Looking for the coolest taproom in the city? Cervecería Norte is located on the fifth floor of an otherwise unremarkable skyrise and can be difficult to find, but it’s totally worth the trouble. In fact, it’s been rated the top tasting room in Baja for several years running. With floor-to-ceiling windows, killer views of the Tijuana skyline, and of course, really good beer, you’re in for a good time. 


Standout Brew: Dark Porter

Madueno Brewing Co. 

Looking for some of the strongest craft beer in Tijuana? This brewery is known for having a large selection of brews with a high ABV. The warehouse-style taproom offers a chilled-out atmosphere, with comfy couch lounge spaces and communal picnic tables. That said, these beers pair well with adventure so we’d recommend snagging a few cans to bring with you as you hit the beach or have an impromptu hotel-room party. 


Standout Brew: Madueno Pineapple Express-New England IPA

Cervecería Insurgente

Internationally recognized for multiple brews, Cervecería Insurgente has an impeccable reputation. After learning all the trade secrets firsthand in San Deigo, the owner came home to Tijuana to spark its craft beer revolution. Hazy IPAs, gose, pale ales, pilsners, wheat beers, and stouts….these guys can do it all. Don’t forget to grab some merch on the way out because imbibing at this taproom comes with bragging rights! 


Standout Brew:  Xocoveza Milk Stout brewed with cacao, coffee, and chile notes.

Azteca Craft Brewing

Azteca might be one of the smaller, newer breweries but they’re already making a BIG name for themselves.  Their laid-back, intimate taproom is super bright (perfect for a midday pitstop) and they offer a smattering of food in addition to their fruity beers to satisfy any cravings. Want a sweet summer treat? You can order any of their beers with a huge dollop of ice cream- float style! 


Standout Brew: West Coast-style IPA. 

Other Places to Taste Craft Beer in Tijuana

Beer Boutique Tijuana

Want to sample all the best Mexican microbrews in one place? Beer Boutique Tijuana will take you on a journey through the ceveceria’s of Tijuana and beyond. From a 30-tap draught selection to an extensive menu of bottles and cans, you’d have to visit all week long to try everything on your beer bucket list. This bar boasts a lively spirit, and they play music exclusively from the 80s and 9s for a quirky, retro feel. 


Tijuana International Beer Festival ( a.k.a. Beer Fest Tijuana) 

Scheduled for June 22nd of this year (2023), the annual Tijuana Beer Fest is the ultimate opportunity for microbrew enthusiasts. Not only will you be able to taste your way through the best Baja brewer’s draught lists, but you’ll also be able to try bottlings from around the world. A huge range of brewers from San Diego pop down to join in the festivities, so you’ll get a good grasp of California’s craft beer scene too. 

Won’t be in town during the festival? Don’t sweat it! You can find more great recommendations of things to do in Tijuana here

Best Craft Beer in Tijuana FAQs

Is bar-hopping safe at Tijuana’s microbreweries?

The majority of safety concerns in Tijuana surround the nightlife scene. While craft breweries tend to be situated in more laid-back areas and have a less gritty vibe than the city’s bars and clubs, you’ll still want to exercise a bit of caution, especially if you’re venturing out after dark. Our article on safety in Tijuana is a great resource if you’re looking for a full picture of crime in the city and how to protect yourself.

What is the most popular craft brewery in Tijuana?

Cervecería Insurgente is the most popular craft brewery in the city. Not only do they produce multiple award-winning beers, but they’ve also been around the block a few times, acting as a pillar of the Tijuana brewing scene since 2010.

How many craft breweries are in Tijuana?

There are well over 25 producers of craft beer in Tijuana, plus dozens of brewpubs serving a wide selection of local brews.

Where are Tijuana craft breweries located?

You’ll find the taprooms for Tijuana’s beer companies scattered all throughout the city, but the highest density is in the downtown core, particularly on Avenida Revolucion (which is Tijuana’s main street).

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