best restaurants in san felipe mexico

Best Restaurants in San Felipe Mexico

Looking for the best restaurants in San Felipe, Mexico? From street food stalls to classy beachfront dining establishments along the Malecon, this picturesque town on the east coast of the Baja Peninsula has it all!


Foodies visiting San Felipe can look forward to trying a wide range of tasty Mexican dishes. Whether you wish to try fish tacos from street food vendors, enjoy burgers and pizza, or feast on fresh seafood delicacies like shrimp and lobster, there is something for everyone.

For a memorable dining experience, we’ve put together a list of the best restaurants in San Felipe Mexico.

San Felipe Mexico Restaurants to Visit

La Vaquita Marina Restaurant

Welcome to La Vaquita Marina Restaurant, an upscale steak and seafood dining establishment well-known for its carefully curated food menu, impeccable service, and live music entertainment.

Established back in 2013, this classy restaurant in San Felipe offers an extensive food menu and a fully licensed bar. For starters, get the delicious guacamole. Seafood lovers will definitely want to order steamed clams with garlic, white wine, and butter.


We also recommend getting the grilled octopus tostada, fried oysters, and 7-sea soup. If meat is what you are after, fillet mignon and rib-eye steak is what to want to order here at La Vaquita Marina Restaurant.

Mariscos La Morena

Located on the southern end of the boardwalk, Mariscos La Morena is one of the most popular seafood joints in San Felipe, Mexico. The restaurant has a beautiful outdoor patio with magnificent views of the beach, as well as comfortable indoor seating.

An extraordinary menu of delicious seafood from the Sea of Cortez awaits you at Mariscos La Morena. Cooked perfectly, battered, and crispy on the outside, the fish tacos served on corn tortillas are mouthwatering. If you are a fan of shrimp, options are plentiful and include everything from breaded and peanut chipotle shrimp to coconut shrimp.


Some of the other options on the menu include whole-fried fish, ceviche, burritos, and soups. Pair your meal with a bottle of Pacifico beer.

Chuy’s Place

Next on our list of the best restaurants in San Felipe, Mexico is the legendary Chuy’s Place. Located just one block from the boardwalk in San Felipe, this cute little restaurant offers everything from authentic Mexican dishes to freshly caught seafood and fish from the Sea of Cortez.

For starters, order a portion of the delicious taquitos or go for the steam clams. You will also find octopus and shrimp dishes on the menu. Chuy’s Place is also well-known for its tasty burgers and fajitas.


To try a bit of everything, get the combination platter which includes things like taco dorado, clini relleno, salad, and some rice and beans. Inexpensive prices make this restaurant a good place to go for lunch or dinner.

Taco Factory

Wish to try the famous stingray taco or order a giant tortilla stuffed with a variety of freshly caught seafood? Book a table at the Taco Factory, one of the best restaurants in San Felipe, Mexico. You will be dining right on the Malecon along the turquoise waters of the Sea of Cortez.


This family-friendly restaurant offers an extensive seafood and meat menu. When it comes to appetizers, ordering the stuffed shrimp peppers is simply a must. If you like spicy foods, the signature shrimp enchilada is what you want to get next.

The owners of this casual outdoor restaurant, Esperanza and Octavio, are super friendly and always more than happy to help you choose what to order. The full bar offers an extensive beer and wine list, as well as specialty margaritas. Happy Hour is between 10 am and 1 pm.

Baja Mar Restaurante

If you are searching for a fine dining establishment in San Felipe, look no further than Baja Mar Restaurante. Located right on the Malecon, this extraordinary restaurant is run by the Ascolani family and focuses on traditional Mexican cuisine and seafood dishes.  


The restaurant’s large elevated outdoor deck provides a perfect setting for an intimate dining experience. The views of one of the most beautiful beaches in Baja from this spacious deck are simply amazing. In case you wish to dine inside, there is a cute indoor area downstairs that accommodates up to 60 guests.

The food at the Baja Mar Restaurante is crafted to perfection. Treat your taste buds with a shrimp cocktail or get the delicious salmon with parsley. The restaurant also offers an impressive tacos menu with options like fish tacos, shrimp tacos, smoked marlin tacos, and octopus tacos. Meat lovers can choose something from the steak or chicken menu. Although it comes with a hefty price tag, the Rib-Eye steak at Baja Mar Restaurante is something that is definitely worth ordering.


Rosita Restaurant

No list of the best restaurants in San Felipe Mexico would be complete without mentioning the famous Rosita. Located right on the boardwalk, this restaurant is run by a local legend, Martin Romo. Martin is an off-road racing supporter who is very active in the local community and involved in environmental cleanup here in San Felipe.

The restaurant features a large menu with plenty of fish, seafood, and traditional Mexican meals. The fully licensed bar offers everything from cold margaritas to local and imported beers.

Some of the house specialties at Rosita include fish with garlic, soups, and shrimp dishes. Book a table at the lovely outdoor deck and enjoy wonderful sea views.

The Sweet Spot

Located on the southern end of the San Felipe Malecon, the Sweet Spot is one of the best sports bars and restaurants in the area. With a beautiful elevated outdoor deck, this fabulous restaurant is all about grilled and BBQ food that is smoked and prepared in the kitchen.


The appetizer menu is extensive and includes options like chicken wings, grilled beef, and chilitos

Enjoy BBQ dishes like smoked pork ribs, pulled pork, southern fried chicken, and smoked brisket.

The servings are generous and the food is reasonably priced. Wash down your favorite BBQ dish with a cold margarita or sangria. The Sweet Spot is also a great place to watch all kinds of sports events.

Fatboy’s Bar & Pizzeria

If you get tired from all the seafood while vacationing in San Felipe, pay a visit to the Fatboy’s Bar & Pizzeria. Located right behind the Malecon, this casual food joint offers outdoor dining and a full bar.


On the menu, you will find everything from pizza and burgers to salads, sandwiches, and soups. The drinks list is impressive and it’s best to visit on Thirsty Thursdays when your second drink is half the price.

Do you like tacos? Don’t miss Taco Tuesdays at Fatboy’s Bar & Pizzeria when beef tacos will set you back $1 per piece. On Sundays, you can order a drink and get free breakfast at this lovely restaurant in San Felipe.

El Padrino

Last on our list of the best restaurants in San Felipe Mexico is an Italian dining establishment, called El Padrino. You will find this lovely restaurant in the center of the busy downtown district.

Owned by Jim Ingegno, El Padrino is all about traditional Italian dishes. What we like about this restaurant is that all recipes come from Deliceto, a small town in the province of Foggia in Italy. The restaurant offers patio seating, as well as a tastefully decorated indoor dining room.


Whether you wish to try the famous New York-style pizzas and calzones, enjoy seafood delicacies like Linguini and Clams, or go for the special ribeye steak, everything you order here is well-seasoned and prepared to perfection. Some of the other signature dishes at El Padrino include spaghetti with meat sauce, lasagna, and pasta alfredo with salmon.

Best Restaurants in San Felipe FAQs

What Food Is San Felipe Known For?

Being right on the Sea of Cortez, it comes as no surprise that San Felipe is all about freshly-caught seafood and fish. In addition to seafood, restaurants in this popular seaside town offer a variety of other foods ranging from burgers and pizza to authentic Mexican dishes like tostadas, pozole, and enchiladas.

Street Food to Try in San Felipe?

Tacos! From fish tacos to shrimp tacos and everything in between, you should try everything!

Is it Expensive to Eat Out in San Felipe?

The food in restaurants in San Felipe is reasonably priced, especially when compared to restaurants in the US. A meal in a casual eatery in San Felipe will set you back around $7 per person. For instance, a three-course dinner for two people at a mid-range dining establishment here costs about $40.

What about the Drinks?

The good news is that most restaurants in San Felipe have fully-licensed bars. Want to hear more good news? A bottle of local beer in San Felipe costs around $2, 20. For a regular cappuccino in a restaurant, expect to pay around $2.5


It is so easy to have an unforgettable dining experience when spending your vacation days in San Felipe, Mexico. The food is delicious, the sea views from the elevated outdoor decks at restaurants on the boardwalk are spectacular, and the meals here are reasonably priced. 

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