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Best Ensenada Mexico Beaches

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For many, the hallmark of a Mexican vacation is a bikini-clad beach day. Whether you find yourself stepping onto this city’s shoreline as a port of call on your next cruise or you’re considering it for a longer stay, you might find yourself wondering what Ensenada beaches are like. 


As is the case with many of the beaches in the Baja Peninsula, Ensenada promises sparkling waters, good surf, and warm sand. The Pacific waters can be a bit on the cooler side when compared to the Atlantic coast, but it doesn’t deter anyone from diving in, with so many water-based activities to add to your itinerary.

Ready to plan your perfect beach holiday? Here are some of the best Ensenada Mexico beaches to keep on your radar.

The Best Ensenada Mexico Beaches

Playa Estero

Can’t sit still at the beach? Playa Estero offers a massive amount of activities to keep you entertained during your beach day. There are sand volleyball courts, popular fishing spots, a reef for snorkeling that’s teeming with marine life, and even a few hiking trails. The water is calm surrounding this reef, making it great for swimming and exploring on your own, and some lucky travelers have even spotted sea lions and dolphins. 

Perhaps one of the best reasons to visit Playa Estero is that with a day pass to the beach’s exclusive resort – Estero Beach Hotel – you will have access to two swimming pools, beach loungers, towels, a swim-up bar, and the option to book spa services. 


Why We Love It

  • Laid-back atmosphere
  • Ample parking
  • Dozens of activities
  • Beach club/resort day passes are available

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San Miguel Beach

ensenada beach
The best place to watch the sunset in Ensenada

San Miguel Beach is downright beautiful, with turquoise waters and plenty of palms lining the shore: it might just be the best place to watch the sunset in Ensenada! The first stretch of the beach is swimmable, and further out, big breaks offer a challenge for experienced surfers. Since this area draws so many groms, it definitely has a laid-back, surfer vibe. The area surrounding the beach is built-up with tons of shops and restaurants, making it a great choice for travelers with time to kill and a desire to stay awhile. 

Why We Love It

  • Expansive shoreline with plenty of room to spread out
  • Shallow water suitable for kids
  • Highly Swimmable

Playa El Faro

Playa El Faro, also known as Lighthouse Beach, might be one of the area’s prettiest shorelines, with a towering lighthouse and views of not one, but two different islands in the distance. It’s typically not very crowded and offers a ton of amenities, making it a great choice for young families. Not only does this beach have clean, stocked restrooms, but it also offers access to drinking water, showers, and more. With all of these concerns off your shoulders, you’ll have more time to kick back and play with your kids in the sand. 

Why We Love It

  • Tons of amenities for added comfort
  • Picture-perfect scenery
  • Dog-friendly

Playa Hermosa

ensenada mexico beaches
One of the central beaches in Ensenada

Playa Hermosa is one of the more central beaches in Ensenada, but since it is further away from the resorts and closer to the downtown area, it tends to be a little less crowded. Planning to do some sunbathing? The amenities at this beach are geared towards relaxation, with umbrellas and chairs at the ready and soft sands to sink your toes into. Otherwise, there are steady, smaller waves perfect for taking beginner surfing lessons. 

Why We Love It

  • Straw palapas and lounge chair rentals
  • Vibrant area with food and drink spots
  • White, powdery sand

Playa Baja 

If you love to play your day away in the ocean, Playa Baja is the Ensenada beach for you. Located on the Bay of Todos Santos, this area is known as the city’s water sports outlet. Whether you want to take lessons or rent equipment for a self-led excursion, this is the place to do it. Snorkeling, kayaking, water skiing, and diving are just the beginning of what Playa Baja has to offer. Better yet, with rental shacks right on the beach, you won’t need to plan ahead- just pick your spontaneous adventure and wade on in. 

Why We Love It

  • It’s a water sports haven
  • Close proximity to resorts 
  • Easy access to shops, restaurants, and other amenities

Surfing Stacks Beach

Surfing Stacks Beach ensenada
A “hidden gem” for surf lovers in Ensenada, Mexico

If you’re a well-practiced surfer, you’ll want to set your sights on Surfing Stacks Beach. There are consistent breaks here that suit most abilities (except for total newbies), and the water is shallow enough that you can paddle further out to take advantage of breaks that are set back from the shore. Don’t want to get in the water? “Hidden-gem” tourists also tend to love this beach because it’s more secluded and quiet than its counterparts, making it ideal for a quiet moment by the oceanside. 

Why We Love It

  • Watch pro surfers hang-ten
  • Convenient location
  • Less crowded than beaches with smaller waves

Top Tips for the Perfect Ensenada Beach Day

ensenada beach
Is it a beach time yet?
  1. Bring bottled water (and maybe a light snack). Some beaches have better access to restaurants and bars than others. If you want to plan your beach visit around meals at other locations – that’s perfectly fine, but ensure you are well-equipped to stay hydrated because a day under the Mexico sun can deplete your energy FAST.
  2. On that note, be sure you slather on the sunscreen too. The UV rays down here are no joke, and even if you’re usually one to tan easily, there might be a bright red burn in your future if you don’t reapply as recommended.
  3. Try out a new beach activity! You can easily shake things up by scheduling a snorkeling tour, surfing lesson, guided scuba dive, or horseback riding adventure. Rather take things at your own pace? Rent a paddleboard or kayak for the afternoon.
  4. If you’re visiting the beach on a port excursion, the best way to get there is by car. You can always rent a car, but if you’d rather not bother with it for such a short duration, you can negotiate an all-day rate with cab drivers by the dock, who will take you from place to place all day long. Perfect for beach-hopping! 
  5. While a good number of the beaches on this list have restrooms, it’s a good idea to pack a bit of toilet paper in your bag. Some of the public bathrooms are regularly cleaned but not always well stocked.

FAQs on Ensenada Mexico Beaches

Are the beaches in Ensenada safe? 

In general, Ensenada has a very low crime rate and is one of the safest cities in Baja. The beaches here are also pretty safe, especially those closest to the resorts and higher-population areas. As long as you practice common sense and do not wander into secluded areas alone at night, you should be perfectly safe enjoying Ensenada’s beaches. 

Are the beaches in Ensenada good for swimming?

Some of Ensenada’s beaches are more suitable for swimming than others. Some areas have calm and shallow waters that are ideal for wading in, but others are more suitable for experienced surfers than the average swimmer. Be sure to pay attention to the tide schedule and surf forecast, especially in areas with large swells and surf breaks, if you plan to enter the water. It’s also worth refreshing your memory on how to identify a rip current and how to get out of one before diving in. 

What is Ensenada’s best beach? 

It depends on who you ask, but the majority of tourists would likely agree that it’s Playa Hermosa since this is one of the most popular. If you’re looking for a good mix of relaxation, watersports, and amenities, plus a prime location, though, we will venture as far as to say that Playa Estero takes the cake.

Do I need to worry about sharks and other wildlife on Ensenada beaches? 

There are a few varieties of sharks that are known to frequent the Baja region. That’s not to say, however, that they pose a big threat to the average beachgoer. Jellies, stingrays, and other hazardous species also live in the area, as is the case with most oceanfront beaches. Here are a few tips to help you stay safe:

1. Pay attention to posted wildlife advisories/signs that will let you know which species may be swimming about.

2. Remember to shuffle your feet in the sand as you enter the water. This will help you to avoid stepping down on sharp stingray barbs and warn any creatures you’re coming through! Wearing light sandals or water shoes is also a good plan.

3. Stay vigilant and aware of your surroundings. Sharing the beach with the local wildlife doesn’t need to be a scary thing. If something seems off or you notice an unknown creature approaching you under the water- trust your gut!

4. In the event of an unlikely sighting, exit the water calmly and avoid excessive splashing.

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