Top 15 Safety Tips On All-Inclusive Resorts in Mexico

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Alex Gomez, the founder of Mexico Travel Buddy, combines his firsthand, on-the-ground experiences in Mexico with a personal connection to the country, fostered through his Mexican wife and numerous explorations.
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Mexico is an excellent choice for your next paradise vacation destination. Many folks enjoy the luxuries that Mexico offers such as; tropical beaches and picturesque water, mouth-watering food, and an overall fun vibe.


However, with the country’s reputation for inexpensive resort packages, many tourists face hesitation, wondering “Are resorts in Mexico safe?” Balancing budgets, a desire to unwind, and safety concerns can be a challenge, but these luxurious hotels are nothing to be afraid of. 

Ready to dispel your fear of booking a sun holiday at one of Mexico’s all-inclusives? This breakdown of what to look out for and how to protect yourself will have you packing in no time.

All-inclusive resort in Cancun

Is It Safe To Go To Resorts In Mexico?

Travelers from all around the world look to take advantage of everything that is included in a Mexico all-inclusive resort, but many people still wonder if it’s safe to visit these resorts.

In general, Mexico resorts are a safe option for any traveler looking for a clean and luxurious experience. Offering amenities such as; multiple restaurants and bars, swimming pools and parks, live performances, and kid-friendly or adult-only options. 


These resorts are meticulously sanitized and looked after 24/7. Plus, exclusive guest access to amenities and 24-hour security helps to maintain safety standards and guest comfortability.

Things To Watch For When Staying At A Mexican All-Inclusive Resort

Of course, just because a resort in Mexico is your safest option when it comes to accommodations, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t watch for things when staying at an all-inclusive resort. It’s best to still remain vigilant and use common sense.

Some things you should watch out for when staying at a Mexican all-inclusive resort are:

  • Suspicious activity/ non-hotel guests lingering around the property 
  • Unattended belongings
  • Unlabeled/off-brand alcohol
  • Undercooked food/ poor food storage practices
  • Bad weather warnings/ surf forecasts

How To Choose A Safe Mexican All-Inclusive Resort

Geography plays a huge role when it comes to the overall safety of the resort in question. While safety measures of individual businesses matter, the crime rate of the destination will be a much better indicator of overall safety and dangers to look out for. 

That being said, crime can occur anytime, anywhere, so it’s best to stay aware and use common sense.

Cities with high crime rates may not be ideal regardless of how much effort the resort has put into safety measures, even though the benefits of visiting a low-crime destination could be quickly negated by a resort with poor safety procedures.  

There are some key indicators that can make certain resorts safer than others. So, how would you go about choosing a safe Mexican all-inclusive resort?

  • Read the reviews and see what have others said about the resort 
  • Check the local city crime rate. offers this feature. 
  • View the resort’s website and look at pictures and ensure the property looks secure. You can also view the resort in Google Maps for a better perspective. 

Contact the resort’s customer service and ask if they have security cameras in place, as well as any additional security measures they may have.

Food Safety

In my experience, you are much more likely to experience stomach issues or even foodborne illnesses when purchasing food from an outside vendor in Mexico. That said, there’s still a risk of foodborne illness when staying at all-inclusive resorts in Mexico. 

The restaurants generally contain high-quality ingredients and are run by a professional staff. Buffets use covers and lids to prevent contamination and maintain safe temperatures (hot or cold). Anything that stays out too long, however, could pose a risk. You may find that the water is a bigger health concern than the food. Avoiding drinking tap water is a good start, but you might need to go a bit further to avoid tummy troubles. Using bottled water for brushing your teeth, avoiding ice in drinks, and only eating raw fruit/veggies that have been peeled will also go a long way in preventing contamination.

Alcohol Safety

For many, the consumption of alcohol comes part and parcel with the all-inclusive resort experience, and that comes with its own set of safety considerations. 

To start, you’ll want to be mindful of your intoxication levels and avoid getting so drunk that you’re unable to take care of yourself. This might seem obvious, but blacking out in a foreign country can open up a whole new world of dangers that are sure to ruin the perfect vacation. 

Especially over the course of a full day, and even a full week, this can definitely creep up on you so it’s important to stay hydrated between alcoholic beverages and be honest with yourself about where you’re at. 

You should also ensure you never leave a drink unattended. It may seem wasteful, but it’s better to go get another drink from the bar than to risk drinking something that’s been tampered with. 

Have you heard any horror stories where resort guests have received tainted or “fake” alcoholic beverages containing methanol? Although this is uncommon, it’s definitely something you should watch out for since it can cause severe, or even fatal, illness. Some simple steps you can take to avoid consuming tainted alcohol are as follows:

  • Watch for any discoloration of the alcohol.
  • Check that your bartender only uses brand-name liquor.
  • Examine that there is no off taste.
  • Take notice of any pungent odor.
  • Avoid hard liquor and mixed drinks.
  • Stick to drinking beer or wine.
  • Ensure your mini-bar drinks are sealed, and the labels are on straight.
  • Watch for symptoms of tainted alcohol (dizziness, nausea, or confusion, for instance – for the amount of alcohol you consumed.)

Ultimately, using common sense and taking notice of anything unusual will go a long way when you are staying at a Mexican all-inclusive resort.

Cleanliness and Health Concerns

As of 2020, resorts in Mexico have taken a more serious approach concerning cleanliness and sanitization efforts. In a post-COVID-19 world, housekeeping efforts have been ramped up and it’s not uncommon to see staff cleaning and sanitizing every day; even multiple times per day. 

Staff are also held to a higher standard these days when it comes to practicing excellent personal hygiene. 

You can find most resorts’ updated cleaning policies on their official websites, and guest reviews are a great place to get a sense of how well they adhere to them.


If you are concerned about safety, no matter where you decide to travel to, you can be at ease knowing that resorts are one of your safest lodging options. Many of the resorts have security cameras and 24/7 guard staff keeping a close eye on everyone who enters and leaves.

I’d recommend calling the resort prior to booking (or checking their website) to find out what safety and security measures they have in place. Typically, resort wristbands are an easy way to identify fellow guests when using amenities. If you see something that concerns you, or you have an uncomfortable interaction with someone else staying at the resort, it’s always best to report it and make sure it’s documented on record.

Top 15 Safety Tips for All-Inclusive Resorts in Mexico 

When answering the question “Are resorts in Mexico safe?”, the biggest thing to consider is what you can do to protect yourself. Here are my top 15 tips for staying safe at Mexico’s all-inclusive resorts: 

  1. Report anything that seems unordinary to resort staff. or just not right to what you are used to will help you maintain your safety. If you suspect there is a problem or you feel uncomfortable, it’s better to be safe than sorry. 
  2. Do not tell anyone which resort or room you are staying in, or for how long you plan on staying. 
  3. Pay attention to food safety practices to avoid food poisoning or an upset tummy. This goes for water consumption as well. 
  4. Make good use of your in-room safe. Not only should you store valuables like electronics when not in use, but this is a good place to protect important ID (like your passport) and cash reserves.
  5. Slather on the sunscreen. No, seriously. Nothing ruins a vacation faster than a serious sunburn- especially if it requires medical attention. Spending tons of time by/in the water and drinking throughout the day can definitely contribute to a burn sneaking up on you. 
  6. Research excursions ahead of time and book with trusted providers. If you’re leaving the secure resort grounds, you’ll want to ensure that you are visiting safe areas, with reputable guides. 
  7. Plan as though you won’t have access to Wi-Fi. Though plenty of all-inclusives have internet these days, it’s not always reliable (or free, despite the “all-inclusive” branding). If you need to check in with loved ones or utilize services like Uber, you may want to purchase an international phone/data plan. 
  8. Invest in travel insurance. Part of safety is preparedness for any situation. Having a good travel insurance plan to fall back on could help you access local healthcare, evacuate in a pinch, or back out of a vacation if conditions become unfavorable (without significant financial loss).
  9. Read reviews from people like you. When combing through thousands of reviews online, it can be hard to separate valid concerns from hard-to-please guests. My advice is to seek feedback from people who are the most similar to you. Are you traveling with young children? Are you a solo female traveler? Are you concerned about LGBTQ safety? Advice from past travelers who have been in your shoes will be the most valuable and reliable. 
  10. Don’t be afraid to be vocal about dietary restrictions and allergies. I understand having reservations about coming off as annoying. But especially in resorts with high turnover and massive buffets, cross-contamination is always a possibility and staff may not know everything about every dish. Avoiding the awkwardness of asking someone to double-check is never worth risking your health and safety. 
  11. Stay hydrated. Between the hot sun, the lack of safe tap water, and the “drinking culture” of many all-inclusives, dehydration is a real possibility and it’s no joke. If you don’t want to ruin your vacation and spend hours ill inside your room, ensure there are plenty of water bottles handy. There’s no harm in asking the concierge or housekeeping for extras. 
  12. Keep a close eye on your kids. It can be easy to assume someone else is on it with so many staff members around, especially lifeguards at the pool and beach, but it’s important to remember that no one is there to babysit unless you’ve hired child minding services or sent them off to kids’ club. It only takes a second or two for something to go wrong, and as much as you want to kick back and relax, you don’t want to leave anything up to chance. 
  13. Brush up on ocean safety. If you’re staying at a beachfront resort, you’ll want to make sure you’re swimming in spots that are appropriate for your skill level, and that you know how to navigate encounters with local wildlife, or rogue waves. 
  14. Avoid packing extravagant belongings you don’t want to lose. Many travelers opt to leave their engagement/wedding bands at home for this reason, and where a cheap alternative to avoid loss/theft. 
  15. Pay attention to staff advice. If it’s recommended that you don’t leave the resort property after dark, that’s probably for good reason. Remember, meals and drinks are included so keeping you on the resort grounds is not likely to be a ploy to make more money off you.

Safety at Mexico’s All-Inclusive Resorts- FAQ

What is the best way to determine if a resort in Mexico is safe?

The best way to evaluate safety at a resort in Mexico is to check their official website for their security measures and policies. Then, you should cross-reference with reviews from previous guests on Google, Tripadvisor, or third-party booking sites like

Are resorts in Mexico Safe for kids?

You’ll want to choose a family-friendly resort without a prevalent “party vibe”, but Mexico’s all-inclusives are generally considered a safe, great choice for young families with children.

So..are resorts in Mexico safe?

Every resort will have its own safety and security measures, just as every destination has its own crime rate, but in general, Mexico’s all-inclusive resorts are considered safe.

alex gomez mexico travel buddy
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