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Vibrant La Paz: Unforgettable Things to Do in Mexico’s Hidden Gem

As the capital of Baja California Sur, La Paz is situated on the peninsula’s eastern coast and overlooks the Sea of Cortez. La Paz is home to some of the most incredible natural experiences visitors will ever have.


Within the city and the surrounding area, there are great things to do in La Paz, Mexico. La Paz is the one place in Mexico where you can get fantastic food, take a walk on beautiful beaches, and hike its desert mountains. Also, don’t forget about those beautiful all-inclusive resorts! There is something for everyone in La Paz!

As you continue reading, we’ll discuss the ten best things to do in La Paz, Mexico.

10 Best Things to Do in La Paz Mexico

1. Explore the Whale Museum

Situated along the boardwalk of Malecon, you’ll find Museo de La Ballena, the La Paz community whale museum. If you’re into whale watching or swimming with whale sharks, you’ll want to add this to your to-do list while in La Paz.


Located off the main boardwalk, the whale museum is open from Tuesday through Sunday. The entire whale museum can be explored within one to two hours, making this an excellent attraction for those with small children too!

The museum has five exhibits with skeletons of marine animals, educational videos, and educational information about marine life conservation. This museum also offers bilingual guides for travelers, which cost anywhere from $7 – $10.

Our recommendation? Don’t pass up the guided tour; you won’t regret it! 

2. Snorkel With Sea Lions

One of the best things to do in La Paz, Mexico, as a tourist is to snorkel with sea lions. If you know anyone who has traveled to La Paz, they’ll tell you that the waters are some of the best for snorkeling. Swimming with sea lions is guaranteed to be unlike any adventure you’ve ever experienced!

The two main areas in La Paz where you can snorkel with the sea lions are San Rafaelito and Los Islotes at Isla Espiritu Santo. The best time of year to snorkel with sea lions in La Paz is from mid-October through May. Sea lion breeding season is during June, July, and August, and snorkeling with sea lions is prohibited during these months.


When snorkeling with sea lions, it’s best to always choose a tour guide that focuses on sustainable practices. One of the most popular tours you can book through is La Paz VIP Tours. They run some of the best snorkels with sea lion tours, along with other island tours.

Remember, when you’re snorkeling with sea lions, they enjoy playing with bubbles from breathing equipment. If you encounter a curious sea lion, let them naturally explore without interfering, and enjoy the view! 

3. Indulge in Food and Drinks

One of the best things to do in La Paz, Mexico, is to visit Mexican cuisine. These delicious dishes range from seafood to upscale settings. For most restaurants during the high travel season, you’ll need to make a reservation, though there are other locations that require advanced reservations throughout the whole year.


If you’re looking for a casual place to eat, you’ll want to stop by Hates El Curra. Here you can get your hands on one of the best bacon-wrapped hot dogs, topped with nacho cheese, tomatoes, avocado, and stewed beef. There are delicious spots all over town, but this is one of the most mouthwatering and convenient.

If you need a seafood fix, stop by Mariscos El Empanada. Here you can indulge in clams that are served in seafood cocktails. For beer-battered fish and deep-fried tacos, stop by Taco Fish La Paz.


While visiting La Paz, you’ll find their restaurants are much cheaper than Los Cabos. So finding a good meal won’t be stressful during your trip!

4. Swim With the Whale Sharks

If you’re visiting La Paz, you’ll want to put swimming with whale sharks on your list, one of the best things to do in La Paz, Mexico. Known to few, whale sharks are an endangered specie; however, there are still areas where you can swim with whale sharks, and La Paz happens to be one of them.

Even though whale sharks are massive, they are considered gentle giants and pose no threat when among swimmers and snorkelers. In La Paz, there are over ninety whale sharks that range anywhere from fifteen to thirty feet long!

The best time to see and swim with whale sharks is mid-October through February. Since there are strict rules for swimming with whale sharks, you’ll want to book a tour.

One of the best tours for swimming with whale sharks is Cabo Expeditions. Cabo Expeditions offers an eight-hour tour with wet suits and snorkel gear provided. 

5. Horseback Riding

If you decide what to do in La Paz, Mexico, during your trip, add horseback riding to your itinerary. Horseback riding is something that anyone can do and is a fun, scenic experience.

For a one-of-a-kind horseback riding experience, you’ll want to visit Rancho San Lorenzo. Their horseback riding accommodations go above and beyond the standard practices of riding in Mexico. Not only can your horseback ride on the most beautiful beaches and trails but you’ll also be guaranteed that your horses get a break during the day.


The first package you can choose from is the “Morning Horseback Ride & Breakfast.” You’ll ride one of their beautiful horses, followed by a delicious breakfast made only with the freshest ingredients by their cook. After horseback riding, including a day pass, you’ll be able to enjoy their other amenities, which include kayaking and mountain biking.

A second package you can choose is their “Sunset Horseback Ride & Dinner.” You’ll ride one of their horses into the sunset, followed by a full dinner with drinks included. 

6. Hike the Sierra Laguna Mountains

If you’re looking for an adventure, hiking the Sierra Laguna mountains is one of the best things to do in La Paz, Mexico. These mountains have breathtaking landscapes that attract travelers from all over.

During your hike, you may encounter various animals, such as deer, coyotes, foxes, and birds. In addition, the Sierra Laguna Mountains are also home to over forty species of reptiles and over ninety insects. 

In this region, there are many hiking trails available for visitors to explore, but it’s always recommended to travel with a guide who is familiar with the territory. One of the best guides familiar with this mountain is Edgardo from Baja Sierra Adventure. He is a guide who organizes private or group hikes around the region.


The Sierra Laguna Mountains can be hiked any time; however, you’ll want to avoid hiking from July to August and early September since it’s extremely hot. 

7. Kiteboarding in La Ventana

Situated right on the edge of the Sea of Cortez is La Ventana. From November through April and peaking in January and February, this area has wind that blows north consistently, making it an excellent location for kiteboarding.

The La Ventana beach runs for six miles and is the perfect spot for kiteboarding. If you’re a beginner kiteboarder, there are kite schools within the location to help you learn. This small town of Ventana is located only one hour from the city and is known to provide an unforgettable kiteboarding experience.


The optimal period for kiteboarding in La Ventana falls between November and March. Even if kiteboarding isn’t your cup of tea, the road trip makes this adventure worth it. Even a walk on the beach and a stop at a local cafe is more than enough to have you enjoying your time here. 

8. View the Artwork on the Malecon

If you walk the streets of La Paz, especially along the Malecon, you’ll find some of the most stunning artwork from the locals. Almost every street in La Paz has artwork from a local artist. The majority of the artworks along the road are created with the intention of conserving the culture of La Paz.


Some of the art you will notice more of are colorful underwater murals on the walls in La Paz, Mexico. You’ll also be able to find many of their street artwork in the main markets, centers, and parks.

For witnessing street art in La Paz, the Malecon stands out as one of the top locations. In addition, book a tour where a guide will dive deeper into the meaning of these murals.

9. Visit the Beaches

One of the best things to do in La Paz is to visit its beaches. No matter where you go, you’ll find white sandy beaches with turquoise waters. The beaches of La Paz also have great weather all year long, making it the perfect location for a beach trip.

Some of the best beaches that you’ll find in La Paz, Mexico, are:

  • Playa Balandra
  • Playa El Tecolote
  • Playa Pichilingue
  • Playa El Coromuel
  • Playa La Concha
  • Playa El Caimancito
  • Playa Tesoro

All of these beaches offer breathtaking views, endless amenities, and turquoise waters. Which beach will you end up visiting first?

10. Espiritu Santo Boat Tour

One of the best things to do in La Paz, Mexico, and rounding off our list, is going on a bait tour to Espiritu Santo Island. Depending on the type of boat and weather conditions for that day, a boat ride from La Paz to Espiritu Santo Island should take one to two hours.


Along the way, you’ll make several stops, like snorkeling with sea lions and exploring its stunning beaches. There are many boat tour operators who offer day trips and multi-day excursions to Espiritu Santo Island.

For travelers who wish to have a more personalized experience, you can charter a private boat to the island. In addition, there are also boat chartering services in La Paz that can accommodate various size groups.

So if you’re looking for a serene getaway, take a boat tour to Espiritu Santo Island to see what it has to offer!

Things to Do in La Paz Mexico FAQ

When is the best time to swim with whale sharks?

The best time to swim with whale sharks is mid-October through February.

Where can you snorkel with sea lions?

The two main areas where you can snorkel with sea lions are San Rafaelito and Los Islotes at Isla Espiritu Santo.

Are there any museums in La Paz, Mexico?

Located along the boardwalk of Malecon, you’ll find Museo de La Ballena, the La Paz community whale museum with five exhibits with skeletons of marine animals.


With some of the best things to do in La Paz, Mexico, it’s a must to put this location on your itinerary. If you’re also a traveler who enjoys solo excursions, you’ll love the calmer environment of La Paz compared to Los Cabos. So get your suitcase packed and hit the road because there are plenty of things to do for people of all ages in La Paz, Mexico!

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