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Best Car Rental La Paz Mexico: A Comprehensive Guide

If you plan to rent a car in La Paz, Mexico, you’ve come to the right place. Renting a car in La Paz, Mexico, has become one of the best ways to explore the area, in addition to traveling by foot.


In addition to listing the best five car rental companies in La Paz, Mexico, we’ll discuss other car rental companies, the cost of renting a car, and the need for Mexican car insurance.

Here is our list of the top five best companies for car rental La Paz Mexico.

5 Best Car Rental Companies in La Paz Mexico

1. La Paz Baja Tours

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Starting our list with the best car rental in La Paz, Mexico, is La Paz Baja Tours. If you want a fast and furious ride, this is one company you won’t want to pass up!

La Paz Baja Tours offers car rentals with a smooth sailing renting process. They provide excellent service, a great customer experience, and are affordable for families who are traveling. They also offer a fantastic and wide range of modern vehicles to rent.


In addition to car rentals, they also have the option of renting Harley Davidson motorcycles for those who have a need for speed! If you’re looking for a car rental service in La Paz, Mexico, that provides excellent service, affordable prices, and quality vehicles, you’ll want to keep La Paz Baja Tours at the top of your list.  

2. Naver Car Rentals

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Naver Car Rentals is considered one of the best car rental companies in La Paz, Mexico. With excellent service, attentive and flexible staff, and new vehicles in perfect condition, they come highly recommended among travelers.

Naver Car Rentals has extensive experience when it comes to renting cars in La Paz, Mexico. They are located within the main airports and cities. Their company strives to provide a simple and stress-free process when it comes to renting a vehicle in La Paz.


They come highly recommended for their values, customer service flexibility, quick customer service, and competitiveness. If you’re looking for a new style when renting a car in La Paz, Mexico, you will not be disappointed with Naver Car Rentals. 

3. La Paz Rent a Car

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At La Paz Rent a Car, you can find the best car rental in La Paz, Mexico. Their company offers the best car rental prices and newer vehicle models that are in excellent condition to avoid any mechanical setbacks during your travels.


La Paz Rent a Car is also one of their local companies, so if you want to support locals, we highly recommend putting them at the top of your car rental list. In addition to car rentals, they provide twenty-four-hour roadside assistance and accept cash payments.

As one of the leading car rental experts in La Paz, Mexico, they will assist you in finding the right vehicle that will help you enjoy your vacation from start to finish. 

4. Super Rentas Baja

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Another one of the best car rentals in La Paz, Mexico, is Super Rentas Baja. When renting a vehicle with Super Rentas Baja, you will be provided with a great car at a great price.


If you ask previous travelers, they will tell you how accommodating and helpful the owner is. One traveler said they went out of their way to provide a complimentary ice box, umbrella, and beach chairs for their trip to the beach. Super Rentas Baja offers competitive prices, has an attentive staff, and provides excellent communication with its customers.

Super Rentas Baja doesn’t have its own office at the airport; however, they can pick you up at the airport and drop you off. For a quick rental process and excellent vehicle selection with convenience, you can’t pass up on Super Rentas Baja. 

5. Baja Rent Cars

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Rounding off our list with having the best car rentals in La Paz, Mexico, is Baja Rent Cars. Baja Rent Cars is a local La Paz car rental company that handles both the tourism and business sectors. Known for their personalization and quality service, they have some of the best vehicles you’ll find in La Paz.


Baja Rent Cars have made it its mission to provide its customers with a competitive car rental service that has a wide range of new vehicle models that are in excellent condition. 

According to previous customers, they provide excellent communication, affordable prices, and flexibility. In addition, they also have the option of hiring a driver just in case you don’t want to drive yourself, which sets them apart from other local companies.

From compact cars to pickup trucks, there’s very little that they don’t offer! 

How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Car in La Paz, Mexico?

To find a car rental in La Paz, Mexico, it can cost as low as six dollars per day. You might be asking, “Why are these prices so low?” The truth is rental costs don’t include the cost of car insurance, coverage, and other fees.


When booking your rental car rental in La Paz, Mexico, ensure you read through the entire clause to find out what is included in your car rental rates. Mexican car insurance is a topic we’ll touch on later on.

If you’re expecting a more realistic car rental price, you can expect to pay around forty dollars per day, which includes full car insurance and a basic car model. 

Additional Car Rentals in La Paz Mexico

In addition to our car rentals in La Paz, Mexico that we listed above, you can also find car rentals at other major car rental companies that include:

Do I Need Mexican Car Insurance to Get a Car Rental in La Paz, Mexico?

When driving a car rental in La Paz, Mexico, you need Mexican car insurance. This is because some car rental companies won’t give you a car rental if you don’t purchase car insurance with their company. When renting a car, you’ll also have the option of full car insurance.


Although optional, complete car insurance is always recommended, as you never know what can happen. When you have full Mexican car insurance, you won’t have to pay a penny in the event of an accident. However, when purchasing full car insurance, you’ll need to be specific about what it includes.

When opting to get full car insurance, ensure you ask the company what is NOT included with full insurance so that you can cover all of your basis. 

What Kind of Insurance Do I Need When Getting a Car Rental in La Paz, Mexico?

This is what you should know when getting car insurance for a car rental in La Paz, Mexico.

First, it’s highly recommended to get full coverage that has a zero deductible. This means that if you get into an accident with your car rental for any reason, you won’t need to pay a cent. Keep in mind things like tires and windows are typically not covered by full car insurance. If you don’t have a deductible, you’ll normally have a low deposit.


Second, you can’t use a debit card to make a deposit for car insurance because a car rental company does not take money; they only make authorizations. However, you can pay your deposit with a credit card, as all major credit cards are usually accepted.

Third, if you’re buying basic car insurance coverage, you may need to pay for a deposit that can range anywhere from seven hundred to fifteen hundred dollars, depending on what kind of deductible you have. For convenience, it’s best to have a full car rental package and full car insurance coverage.

Things to Keep in Mind When Purchasing Car Rental Insurance in La Paz Mexico

When purchasing a car rental in La Paz, Mexico, many car insurance companies will tell you they have full insurance coverage but neglect to inform you that there is a deductible and certain things are not included.


When paying for a car rental in La Paz, Mexico, make sure to pay attention and go through every detail when asking about full insurance coverage.

In addition, you will also need a credit card to rent a car in La Paz, Mexico. Car rental companies will require you to swipe your card to put a hold on the vehicle as a deposit. 

Car Rental La Paz Mexico FAQ

Do I need car insurance to rent a car in La Paz, Mexico?

Yes, you need to have Mexican car insurance to rent a car in La Paz, Mexico.

Can I use a debit card to make a deposit on a rental car in La Paz, Mexico?

You can’t use a debit card; however, you can use any major credit card.

Can I rent a motorcycle in La Paz, Mexico?

Yes, you can rent a Harley Davidson motorcycle at La Paz Baja Tours.


Renting a car in La Paz, Mexico, is generally a superb and hassle-free process. As long as you have your required information, such as your driver’s license and Mexican car insurance, you shouldn’t have any problems.

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