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Dejan Badnjarevic

Dejan Badnjarevic is a passionate travel writer from Europe, known for his enthusiasm for exploring cool new places and immersing in different cultures. His love for street food and a good glass of wine in picturesque settings brings a unique flavor to his travel experiences. Through his writing, Dejan shares vivid tales and insights, inviting readers into the heart of each destination. His articles are a blend of adventure, culinary exploration, and the simple joys of travel.

Loreto Mexico Fishing – The Best Spots and Charters

The Mexican coastal town of Loreto is well-known for its natural beauty, awesome tourist attractions, and a wide range of ...
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Loreto Bay and the Islands of Loreto Mexico

Nestled along the Sea of Cortez, Loreto is a relatively new tourist destination in Baja, California. If you wish to ...
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Best Things to Do in Loreto Mexico – Your Complete Guide

Searching for a cool destination for a laid-back summer vacation in Mexico? Welcome to Loreto, a beautiful seaside town located ...
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Best Things to Do in Mexicali

Wish to admire the beauty of a white-walled cathedral, take your kids to a fabulous interactive museum with exhibits on ...
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Best Outdoor Activities in Mexicali

The capital city of Baja California, Mexicali has so much to offer. Whether you wish to explore some of the ...
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Best Mexicali Chinese Food

The capital of Baja California, Mexicali is well-known for its desert landscapes, fabulous museums, and some of the best Chinese ...
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Best San Felipe Mexico Camping

Located in the state of Baja, California, San Felipe is a picturesque seaside town well-known for its sandy beaches, cute ...
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Best Restaurants in San Felipe Mexico

Looking for the best restaurants in San Felipe, Mexico? From street food stalls to classy beachfront dining establishments along the ...
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Top Things to Do in San Felipe Mexico

There is no shortage of fun things to do in San Felipe, Mexico. Admiring the beauty of the world’s tallest ...
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The Ultimate Guide to the Best Beaches in San Felipe Mexico

The jewel of the Sea of Cortez, San Felipe is a charming seaside town located on the upper Baja Peninsula. ...
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Best San Felipe Mexico Hotels

Welcome to San Felipe, a picturesque Mexican fishing town with desert landscapes and postcard-perfect beaches. Known as the “Gateway to ...
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Is San Felipe Mexico Safe? Top Safety Tips

Located on the eastern coast of Baja California, San Felipe is a picturesque coastal town well-known for its beautiful sandy ...
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